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How to Join the RAF

Today within the RAF there are many positions available for someone considering a career within this elite air force. The most recognized role is that of an RAF pilot or RAF officer but there are many other positions where you can start and work your way up.

As with any job of this nature their comes a tough selection process and for those seeking the position of pilot or officer then you will need to complete an application form, pass a number of academic tests and have a final one-on-one interview and then you will be able to commence your training.

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It is arguably one of the top 10 jobs available and if this is a career you want.

How to Join the RAF

The Royal Air Force operates several units and centres for the provision of non-generic training and education. These include the Royal Air Force Leadership Centre and the Royal Air Force Centre for Air Power Studies, both based at RAF Cranwell, and the Air Warfare Centre, based at RAF Waddington and RAF Cranwell. NCO training and developmental courses occur at RAF Halton and officer courses occur at the Joint Services Command and Staff College at Shrivenham.

The RAF or the Royal Air Force was originally created during the year of 1918 as the air section of the British Armed Forces.

Right from the time it was formed the RAF has played a major role in the history of the armed forces. The RAF made contributions to the military efforts of Great Britain during the Second World War and more recently in Iraq.

The Royal Air Force now has currently over 1,000 air units in operation and they have an estimated strength of well over 40,000 support staff and personnel. The majority of the air units and staff of the RAF are located in the United Kingdom with several others serving in the operations or at the long established overseas bases.

In addition to defending the UK the RAF is also responsible for protecting certain overseas territories against any threat of terrorism. The threat of terrorism has become a significant focal point in the 21st Century and it is believed that this aspect of their work will continue to grow over the next few years.

The own mission statement of the RAF states that its responsibility is mainly to provide an adaptable air force which is seen as one of the top air forces in the world. The air power according to the RAF is the ability to direct military force into the space or through the air and operates above ground.